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**NOTE: This product you MUST pick-up at our bakery in La Mesa

Introducing our frozen box you can keep in the freezer and bake at home! All products come in 1/2 dozen.


Baking Instructions:

Blueberry Lemon Scones (no glaze) - bake for 20 min 350 degrees

Raspberry Pop Tarts (no glaze) - bake for 30 min 350 degrees

Jalapeno Galettes - bake for 30-35 min 350 degrees

Broccoli Cheeze Biscuit - bake 20 min 350 degrees, and sprinkle some salt on top to enhance flavor

Cinnamon Rolls (comes with glaze plus disposable baking tray) - leave on the counter for 2-3 hrs or until they triple in size then bake for 25-28min 350 degrees

Chocolate Croissants - ( need to proof overnight or triple its size before bake off ) 20 min 250 degrees 


  • All the pastries bake best if you rotate your sheet pan half way through the baking process.

  • Use cooking spray or any cooking oil so your pastries don't stick to your baking sheet.

  • Chocolate croissants do NOT need cooking spray.

  • Cinnamon Rolls need to be placed in a deep pan so they fluff up and not out!

Pick-Up your order at:

  • SPLIT Bakehouse,  Grossmont Center - Monday through Saturday 11am-6pm/close.
  • Camp Coffee Company,  Oceanside - Mondays or Fridays 6am-4pm/close.
  • Jaunt Coffee Roasters,  Miramar - Mondays or Fridays 6:30am-2pm/close. 

Order by 12pm noon the day prior. You will be able to pick the day in the checkout. 

Three ways to enjoy SPLIT Bakehouse!

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Your favorite pastries made fresh without preservatives & artificial coloring. We only use the highest quality ingredients such as King Arthur Flour and organic sugar.

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We picked up our pastries & some we bought to give as gifts. OMG, we are all blown away! Super yummy !! Our gift recipients also loved them. I am so happy to have such a delicious vegan option so close ands so easy to order from!!


Just ordered these along with nearly $100 in other goodies. You all are getting me though Covid <3


Saving me for later?

Toast a bit!

Before you bite, toast your pastry a bit for a few minutes to warm for the best taste!