Pick-Up: Pick-up Preorders from select locations (Jaunt Coffee Roasters M&F, Camp Coffee M&F, or SPLIT Bakehouse Mon-Sat, some have different pick-up days) Select Pick-up options during checkout (new lower $20 min for pre-orders)

Coffee Shops: Around the neighborhood? We have a list of over 40 coffee shops that carry our pastries daily! Full list here.

Store Front: Or visit us at our SPLIT Bakehouse take-out window! We will have daily specials that may different from what we sell online/coffee shops. Our take-out window is open Tuesday - Sunday. Only open Monday for those who have pre-ordered online to pick-up.


Can we pick-up from the bakery?
Yes! You do not need to preorder to just stop by our take-out window. We are open 11AM-6PM 6 days a week. (Take-out Window is only open Tuesday - Sunday, ring the bell on Monday to pick-up preorders).

I placed an order - when is it ready?

It will be ready on the day that you selected as soon as the store or coffee shop opens.

It won't let me pick-up the day that I want!

Make sure you read our ordering page carefully as we may be running special items that may not allow you to check out on the day you are looking for. If you need assistance please contact us at orders@splitbakehouse.com

Do you use artificial coloring?
No! We use all natural foods for our bright and vibrant pastries. For example our pop tart frosting is bright pink from raspberries! Our red velvet cinnamon roll is red from beets!

I picked up a big box of pastries! How should I store it?
We recommend you eat the items with fruit or filling first. Otherwise, place those items in the fridge. For the other items, we recommend you store in an air-tight container. We think it tastes best when you warm it up a bit in the toaster/oven to eat again!

Are your pastries 100% vegan?
Yes we are a 100% vegan bakery owned by a practicing vegan! We use organic sugar (no bone char here!) and King Arthur Flour in all of our pastries.

What about special orders?

We may be able to accommodate it, please email us at info@splitbakehouse.com

Do you have gluten-free options?
We typically offer 1 gluten-free option a month (like a chocolate chip cookie)! We will note if it's gluten-free in the title. You can make your whole cheezecake orders gluten-free as well, just note that in the order notes.

How often do your pastries rotate?
We typically change our menu every month so be sure to get your favorites while you can!