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Our Story

Why the name "SPLIT Bakehouse"?

Our little bakery started in 2018 where we started our wholesale business providing pastries to San Diego's favorite coffee shops! We created a SPLIT menu of traditional pastries as well as vegan pastries. This was because not everybody was onboard with only offering vegan pastries to the the customers at the coffee shop. But as time went by, they realized how much their customers loved the vegan pastries - they couldn't tell the difference and most even loved the vegan ones better!

In 2020, during the pandemic, we started offering home deliveries to our customers straight to their door! We did everything we could to keep the business alive, and we wouldn't have been able to make it through the year without our fans placing orders!

Finally in 2021 we transitioned to offering ONLY vegan pastries and we've never looked back! We are proud to say our bakery is now producing only vegan products in our kitchen. Our owner Vanessa is a practicing vegan so rest assured these pastries are 100% vegan.

In Feb 2021 we opened shop with our "bakery window" storefront which is located at an Outdoor Shopping Center called Grossmont Center in La Mesa, San Diego. You view what you want through the window and order through out take-out window!

"It's one of the best desserts I've ever had"

Chef Bill Yosses (Former White House Pastry Chef to the Bush's & Obama's) on Hulu's Baker's Dozen where our Chef Pablo competed in a baking competition!

The Best Vegan Pastries

All of our pastries are made with King Arthur Flour and organic sugar (no-bone char here!). We have vibrant pastries and use NO artificial ingredients for food coloring. For example our raspberry pop tart glaze is bright pink from the raspberries!

Need help with your order? Contact us at orders@splitbakehouse.com