Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie (V)

Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie (V)

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Elevate your breakfast with our vegan oatmeal cookie! Packed with golden raisins, dates, poppy seeds, and cranberries for a delicious start. 🍪🌱🌟 #ElevateBreakfast

San Diego's Vegan Bakery


Your favorite pastries made fresh without preservatives & artificial coloring. We only use the highest quality ingredients such as King Arthur Flour and organic sugar.

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We picked up our pastries & some we bought to give as gifts. OMG, we are all blown away! Super yummy !! Our gift recipients also loved them. I am so happy to have such a delicious vegan option so close ands so easy to order from!!


Just ordered these along with nearly $100 in other goodies. You all are getting me though Covid <3


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Toast a bit!

Before you bite, toast your pastry a bit for a few minutes to warm for the best taste!